Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ahhh! The Bride! The receiver of the oohs and aahs, the blessed looks and the jealous looks and most importantly the groom's attention! You are the center of attention of the day. Therefore it is VERY important that you look your very best and we mean the very best, on this special day you will remember for the rest of your life.

Now, remember that for you to look good, you have to feel good.Therefore it is important to schedule a beauty regime ahead of time, to prepare yourself for the big day.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Sri Lankan bride is the one who manages to attract the attention and admiration of the on lookers. The traditional dress for a Kandyan bride is Osariya which is a sari. The Kandyan bride is somehow different from the western brides who make a choice for the moderate jewelry and a simple dress. A Kandyan bride prefers to be lavish whatever she wears and there is lot of gold, pearls, stones which goes to add on to the already stunning looking bride. Without all these jewelry a Kandyan bride would be simply incomplete.

The experts are of the view that Kandyan jewelry shows a strong Tamil connection. This is supported by the fact that Kandyan kings of your married the South India family Natakkar. New features were introduced in the Kandyan Empire. The religion of Hinduism was practiced by those people who came with the royal people. Kandyan dress is Nilame which is very famous and the trouser will frill which is customized in white cotton and it is fixed up with the help of buttons. Then the chest girdle along with the belt that is customized in Velvet cloth.
There are a total of fourteen parts of the original dress. And when the dress gets completed it would include of around fifty yards. Kandyan dress is considered of different sections. The original dress consists of the waist belt which is known Kasaw Belt. The other pacts of this traditional dress are Necklace, head with four corners, engagement ring, the dress and golden designed footwear. The textiles, Chamath Purni, Jeen, and Sadapurai those are considered to be the most important part of the dress are imported from India. More than hundred years Kawani is in the care of Jayarathne. Jayarathne was of the view that they don’t value the old fashioned Kawanies.

The generation which accepted the dress up in the royal palace, their tribes are still prevailing at the villages of Bowala, Hindagala, Pujapitiya in that respective country. They are the family member of one another but some of these people have left this art. Sabaragamuwa, Badulla, Bellanwila, Kelaniya, Haguranketha, Colombo Nawa, and Aluth Nuwara are some of pageants. The dress is reinforced by crafts for example the pattern of- Peacock, Gurula, Bo’Leaves, Hansa Puttuwa, and Liyawel etc. Some of the brides prefer wearing armlets and the main purpose to wear them is to avoid bad luck. The headgear consists of sun and the moon which is placed either side of the head that is divided y Nalapata. The sun and the moon are seen as the guardian especially for the people those who farm the soil.

The Original Kandyan dress signifies a royal & majestic personality. At present people seldom witness such majestic representation. The main such occasion can be witnessed at the Kandyan Tooth Relic annual pageant. This pageant is similar to an exposition of ancient clothes and allied wears. Tooth Relics and Diyawadana Nilame are the two Conspicuous features here.

The original dress since kings days become a general Dress for these men of privilege. Later these dressed faded away. However they continued even up-to-date with generations of Saluwadane Ralalas. The privileged class did dress up their children at marriages with such original dresses.

Kandyan Saree is the traditional dress of Kandyan ladies alias Menikes. This art of dress is comprised of 7 Necklaces and 64 items of Jewellery wears. Privileged males or Nilames dress up in the original apparel while ladies or Menikes put on the Kandyan sarees.

Presently it is the custom of many brides to come in the Kandyan Sarees at occasions of marriage Kandyan dress and wearing can be seen at such marriages.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wedding Planning

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